Bryony Parker


Bryony Parker


Bryony Parker is a London based, Australian musician with the desire to create a world of her own through cinematic songs and lyrical storytelling, a journey which began at the age of 18, as she bought a one way ticket from Australia to London to focus solely on her music career. Since then, Bryony has seen a string of musical successes which are becoming increasingly hard to ignore as each release eclipses the previous. Her debut EP “The Life Illusion”, released by Killing Moon Records, included her single “High” which landed a coveted spot on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist and “Thighs”, her breakout track that has already racked up over 290K streams and landed her a sync on MTV’s Catfish. Now, with a new EP in the works, including already released tracks Godspeed and Girl, produced by Gethin Pearson (ALMA, Kele Okereke) and a single deal with the taste-making Parisian label Maison Kitsuné for her latest offering, Palazzo, she is quickly becoming one to keep your eyes on.





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