Ash Shakur


Ash Shakur

Lead The Way (prod. by Mr Muzira)

Ash Shakur is an experimental hip-hop and soul artist from South London.  He has a mixture of boom bap in his sound and his style of music has been described as chilled and mellow with a nostalgic feel. He speaks on current topics and issues in todays world. A s h is not limited by a genre and is not afraid to think outside of the box with his unorthodox style. Bringing the listens back and forth-in time with smooth melodies on Jazz type Instrumentals, with a laid back approach.  Inspiring people through vibrant visuals and incorporating his art direction to his videos. A s h has a great blend of thought provoking lyrics and story telling, with a touch of poetic witt in his lines displaying the humorous side. Ash’s Art is vibrant with fun happy characters also giving the viewers a narrative. He also creates the album artwork for his projects and garments for his shows.Reflecting on nostalgia and positives thoughts this artwork will make you smile and brighten up those dark days.





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