Café Kitsuné – Vertbois

Summer closure from July 19th to September 1st included. Café Kitsuné Vertbois is first and foremost a production site with a roastery run by the artisan roaster Florian Decousser. The signature Café Kitsuné blend, roasted in Paris and created with two types of specialty coffee beans from Brazil and Guatemala, is distinguished by a delicate balance: both savoury and full-bodied, with hints of chocolate and honey, a dash of peach, and a special long finish, thanks to a texture that is both soft and syrupy. It is this unique flavour that Café Kitsuné devotees are now able to take home, with coffees freshly roasted every week.
Café Kitsuné - Vertbois
30, rue du Vertbois
75003 Paris
+33 (0) 181695964
Opening time
Tuesday / Saturday : 9:30am - 1pm / 1:45pm - 5pm
Our experiences
Departure is imminent from the beginning of June, every Saturday, with a journey in 4 stages (to be organised according to participants' desires) to discover the fascinating world of speciality coffee. The Workshops led by Florian Decousser, artisan roaster at the Café Kitsuné Vertbois, are limited to 3, 4 or 6 people, for a completely personalized experience.