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For 3 years now, Obsimo has been creating a luminous electronic universe where vehement voices, throbbing synths and ethereal guitars mingle. His music has the quality to immerse us as much in a dream as in a feeling of energy and power, which are very palpable thanks to his electro/dance nature. Obsimo’s skills stop time and carry us through an intense journey.

Obsimo’s project reveals its final form on stage. Accompanied by video projections orchestrated by Antonin SOHIER and handling his controllers and his guitar, Obsimo continues to evolve his live performances to plunge the audience further and further into his universe. After more than 80 dates (Live & DJ Set), some alongside artists like Rone, Thylacine, Molécule, Danger, French 79, Obsimo is part of the selection of Inouïs du Printemps de Bourges 2019 and the BPM contest 2020.

Obsimo knows how to mixe his sounds and does not hesitate to envelop the nostalgic and romantic aspect of his music in an electronic arrangement of a violent sweetness. As a good storyteller, he does not forget to infuse into his pieces an omnipresent layer of hope, which takes shape through his luminous synths, his seraphic voices, and his lancinating guitar. He wants to tell us that even in total perdition, hope is not too of a farfetched dream, even if sometimes it does feel like it.





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