I Want It (Remixes)

Remixes of Tim Ayre’s latest single ‘I Want It’ are out now! Rediscover this indie verified bop with three new versions by British raver 1800-GIRLS, Metapop remix contest winner BowlBay, and Tim Ayre’s side project Lazywax – duet with Australian disco artist Kesmar. From synth house, to wavy RnB and funky disco, there is a version of ‘I Want It’ for every taste! Hailing from Portsmouth now residing in London, 1-800 GIRLS creates emotional soundscapes by layering synth waves and mesmerizing pad-work. ⁠London based BowlBay won this year Metapop remix contest of Tim Ayre's single - bringing sexy and retro RnB vibes to the song. Lazywax has met around a shared love of Italo-disco producers and composers: an instant connection that lead to the creation of a unique project paying tribute to disco deities of 70s and 80s, and quintessential discotheque soundtracks.