Exclusive Collaboration


For its first ever collaboration, the Maison Kitsuné fox explores the precious metal world of LE GRAMME in the form of bracelets and keyrings.

A new serie born
from a common passion

A bit of History

Maison Kitsuné and its emblematic fox are a unique reference that combines the Parisian and Tokyoite influences of its founders. An uncompromised aesthetic, materials pared back to the essential, details calibrated to the extreme,LE GRAMME cultivates a world that is timeless and universal, echoing the Japanese fibre of Maison Kitsuné.

The Collection

At the confluence of these two brands with their shared common values and genuine passion for Japanese culture comes a new series of wearable, functional and decorative objects made from 925 Sterling silver. All products are made in France.

Sterling Silver Bracelets

Machined in 925 Sterling silver then affixed with a dark blue lacquer, the fox seems to walk along the infinite line of the iconic LE GRAMME bracelets: the 7g, 15g and 21g in a brushed smooth version. Like all the LE GRAMME creations, this new variation lends itself to being worn in accumulation and goes well together with the other LE GRAMME flat ribbon and cable designs.

Silver Key-ring

The fox appears just as mysteriously on the 13g key-ring, accompanying the keys to the hideaway that will welcome him, contrasting with the brilliance of the polished smooth 925 Sterling silver.

Silver Foxes

Ultimately, he takes shape as three precious figurines weighing in at 29g, 61g and 203g. A family of perfect proportions, the fox is reinterpreted as a new elementary form. As much a keen-eyed spirit for a desk top as a precious companion in a children’s bedroom.

Exclusively on demand.


The objects, made from precious metals, are created in a process best described as industrial craftsmanship. Each variant of a LE GRAMME object features a precious metal, a particular pattern design and a finish that require the know-how and technical savoir-faire of French ateliers.

All objects in the LE GRAMME range, whether intended to be worn or functional, feature a particular pattern and a finish. Each variant may be identified by its pattern: permanent variants have a slick pattern design. Themed temporary variations have engraving or a guilloché motif. Each object receives a finish (polished, brushed or matte) that embellish them and determine how it reflects light.

LE GRAMME has centred its creative concept on the object and its weight. Each design is named after its metric weight, which is always an odd number.

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