At Café Kitsuné Louvre, we offer a selection of responsibly grown wines, Japanese whiskeys and sakes, Paris-brewed, organic green tea and yuzu beers, champagne from small producers and the venerable house of Perrier-Jouët.


At 6:00pm, the cocktail bar bursts into life. Barmen carefully concoct bespoke recipes imagined by Alexis Taoufiq, the Meilleur Ouvrier de France mixologist. Conceived as sincere experiences, from home-made infusions and syrups, the Café Kitsuné cocktails are astonishing in their understated, balanced and delicious blends. We love the Kitsuné Cocktail where cognac and sake meet for a refreshing sour, the effervescent Yokosso with its floral notes and mix of jasmine-infused gin and champagne, the surprising Fox Nori that combines the sweetness of elderflower with the iodine effect of vodka infused with the nori leaf, and the Ichijiku Negroni where shōchū, a Japanese eau-de-vie is infused with dried figs.