Ben Pier

Ben Pier

Raised in St. Louis, Ben grew up on a steady diet of comic books, skateboarding, and playing in punk bands before attending art school in Chicago. After graduating, he spent a decade in NYC applying his traditional documentary-style photography to the realms of fashion and music.

Ben is known for capturing real moments with real people with a vibrant, cinematic spirit that doesn’t feel staged. His immersive approach relies on casting subjects and locations that allow him to create lifestyle work in a raw and honest way. He captures authentic moments with diverse, interesting talent and his use of natural light and brilliant colors add a youthful energy that Ben has come to be known for.

His body of work includes two published monographs. A third is currently in development as he writes this from his home in Silverlake and waits to travel the earth once again.


Maison Kitsuné is also pleased to welcome the exclusive exhibition & magazine launch of Nothing You Don’t Know by American photographer Ben Pier.

In Nothing You Don’t Know, Ben shoots in a blend of documentary and narrative style that blurs the line between both. Wave after wave of vaguely connected images sit together form a vivid mix of contemporary tablous. The work, presented in book form, reads like a short story. One that happens in a flash and goes completely unquestioned until the moment you’re done turning the pages.

Discover Nothing You Don’t Know at Maison Kitsuné New York Archives & Gallery from April 15th to May 16th 2021

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