Soren Bryce


Soren Bryce

To Be Mine

Soren Bryce builds a world all her own. With her ethereal yet commanding vocals, the Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist takes possession of the storytelling. Though her artistry has sharply evolved over the years, a certain guiding philosophy has sustained in Bryce’s songwriting. “One thing that’s never changed for me is using music as an outlet to reflect back on what I’m going through—almost as if the songs are a way to document my life”, she says.

“To Be Mine” is the first collaboration between Nashville-based electronic music producer Body Copy and Soren Bryce. The track has a laid back four-on-the-floor groove which provides a steady foundation for Bryce’s vocals and lyrics to float over. The track is simultaneously fun and dancey while also being intimate and sincere. The perfect soundtrack for an indie bedroom-pop dance party.





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