Hiding (feat. Lil Seyi)

Hailing from Laurel, Maryland but born to Nigerian parents, Omolola has always had a love for songwriting and music, from singing in church since she was a child, to writing her first song back in middle school. From the support of friends and family, and joining the collective Supa, she is able to share music that can be both a blessing and a soundtrack to life. She released her first two singles “Under the Sun” and “Awkward Length” and gained recognition after being featured on Spotify’s fresh finds playlists. She hopes to continue releasing music that resonates with people worldwide.

“Hiding” details the struggle that comes from vulnerability, even to God. Inspired by the story of Jonah in the Bible, Omolola and Lil Seyi describe the resistance to open up and the desire to hide, even to the depths of the ocean. However, Hiding then shows that no matter how far we go and how hard we try, we can’t hide ourselves from God because He always meets us where we’re at.






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