Manast LL’


Manast LL’

At Night (feat. HAUTE) / Sookah / Den Haag

Manast LL’ is a 23-years-old artist with a wide range of inluences. Based in France but hailing from over the Atlantic, he’s a Parisian artist inspired by Pretty Ricky, Lil Wayne and Theophilus London. Following his debut EP “Forty Two Stories” released on year ago and his summery succes “Herizen Guardiola”, Manast LL’ has gradually unveiled his upcoming EP “All Of A Sudden” through four singles that entirely define his style.

Through his flow, the young man tells his experiences, good or bad, universal and relatable that he always tries to translate into positive energy, created with talented producers, featuring, and friends.

The acronym LL’ has become a signature for all the people close to the young artist, initially used to represent his mantra «LivLov» or «LivLife». No half-measure, no constraint, no sham: passion leads to creativity.




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