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Clem Beatz has changed. A trip Japan, a few meetings and new influences have urged him to transform his musical universe in the span of two years. With Wabi Sabi, to be released on April 20, he confirms his will to explore a more aerial electronic music.
He first developed a passion for the art of sampling as Out Your Mind the title featuring the rapper Mr. J Medeiros (Alltta) testi- fies. His former EP Trouble in Paradise and Daydream marked the transition between two universes. At a time when Clem Beatz was looking for his style which he did find with Wabi Sabi.

His project has notably bloomed at the other end of the world in Japan, where Clem Beatz spent seven months last year. Had he stayed in France his music would undoubtedly have been diffe- rent. Back home with his titles halfway between chillwave, elec- tro and hip-hop he intends to convert his homeland to this parti- cular universe in the wake of Flume, FKJ, Fakear or Empire of The Sun.

On stage the producer insists on playing instruments: the guitar he is been playing ever since his first rock bands when he was 13, synthesizers and drum pads as well. A wish to make an EP cut to be deconstructed, interpreted again and performed, visual.

Clem Beatz has changed and will keep surprising us.




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