Illustrator of the month : Olga Varova

Do you remember the first picture (illustration) you’ve ever taken (made)? What was it? Would you mind sharing it with us ?

Olga Varova : Yes, it was my first book called : DAYDREAM. Portraits of friends I collected from 2010-2016.

I’ve met so many people . That’s how I started photographing portraits of people I’ve met, I’ve lost and I admired . I’ve been living in their world , now I wanted them to live in mine. Ive been searching for a sources , the way I wanted to reflect it.  Through so many years I collected portraits and made a book called DAYDREAM.

Does music inspire your work?


Since im a little .  At the age of 10 I finished Ballet school  (  Omsk Siberian Musical Theatre ) . My father is a painter , he loves music too and my cousin is a musician . So I was growing up with the best rock n roll bands in the house 🙂

And now …. I connect myself with the music . If I hear it -I see it .  IT’S VERY DREAMY .

If your art was a song, what would it be? Why?

O.V : Hahahah ! A song ?? Hmm , let me see….

By Angelo Badalamenti, I’ve got ‘a real indication’ of a laugh comin on,  I think David wrote the lyrics .))  I think this one is very me )


That old wind

is howling like a cold steel train

Girl has left me

Not comin’ back again

Got rusted bullet holes in the Dodge

And a heartburn like a solar flare

The grass by the house is dry, man


Cool , right ?

Thought Gang (David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti) - Woodcutters From Fiery Ships

If you could shoot/draw one artist for its album cover, who would it be? Why? 

O.V : An artist…. Musician … definitely will be Delia Derbyshire !  I would love to have a shot of gin with her. And watch her magic doing at her studio . Cutting manually frequences and turning it into a masterpiece.

It’s really difficult to chose only one , really . I love so many .

Have you heard Lynch playing at his studio ? He is working with Badalamenti . I Think Badalamenti is a masterpiece .  Mstislav Rostropovitch !   I can’t really chose one . I haven’t began yet with modern electronic music 🙂

Is there a song on Kitsuné Musique you think would have been great for you to depict?

O.V : I love Future Generations music . I think they are cool and funky.

Now that you have linked your artworks with music, what other art would you like to explore?

O.V : FILMMAKING . But I’m almost 40. Fassbinder at my age already shoot 50 pictures, so…But who knows , right ?

Is there an artist that Kitsuné Musique has collaborated with in the past, you would like to work with?



In the artwork you provided during for the collaboration with Kitsuné Musique, is there one which is very special for, which has a special story? Would you mind sharing it with us ?

O.V : On a collage , PAINTING THE WALLS , with the lady with red lips – you can see drops of my coffee.

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